Caparol Rust Inhibiting Water Based Multiprimer White

Size: 750ml
Surface: Interior/Exterior
Colour: White


Capalac Aqua Multiprimer

Water-thinnable grip coat · Primer-sealer for sealing wood extractives. Corrosion inhibiting primer for iron and steel. Suitable for exterior and interior use.

Product Description

Suitable for adhesion promoting priming coats on existing paint and enamel coatings, wood, zinc/

galvanised substrates, copper, unplasticized/rigid PVC and many other substrates after having checked for good adhesion (cross cut adhesion test). 

Primer-sealer, effective against wood extractives. Corrosion inhibiting primer for iron and steel.

Suitable for the application of subsequent finishing coats of Capalac Aqua PU-Alkyd Satin/

Gloss, Capacryl PU-Satin/Gloss or Capadur Color Wetterschutzfarbe.

Field of Application

■ Water-emulsified.

■ Ecologically compatible.

■ Excellent adhesion/grip promoting properties.

■ Seals wood components.

■ Efficient corrosion protection.

Material Properties

Material Base / Vehicle Acrylic dispersion/emulsion

Packaging/Package Size 750 ml, 2.5 litres and 10 litres

Colours White, RAL 3009 Oxide Red, RAL 7001 Silver Grey, RAL 7031 Blue Grey, RAL 9005 Deep Black

Gloss Level Silk-matt/semi-gloss (mid sheen / velvet or eggshell-like finish)

Storage Keep in a cool, but frost-free place. Shelf life of original, tightly closed can: 12 month.

■ Density: Approx. 1.3 g/cm3 

Definition of Application Areas Application

Stable existing coatings, wood and derived timber products, zinc/galvanised surfaces, copper, iron and steel, unplaticized (rigid) PVC. Unsuitable for use on stainless steel. Do not apply in the area of housetops/roofing.  The substrate must be clean, sound/stable, dry, and free from all materials that may prevent good adhesion. Max. permissible moisture content in dimensionally stable wood: 13 %; in limited dimensionally stable or unstable wood: 15 %.

Sealing of seeping wood components cannot be guaranteed in each case. Discolouration of coats may occur, if highly soluble wood components/extractives are present. Hence it is always advisable to check for sufficient sealing power by coating a test area on site.

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