Caparol Holz-Isogrund Knot blocking Primer Undercoat



PDF Datasheet Holz-Isogrund

Field of Application

Adhesion promoting primer/Undercoat for bare wood where Knots and Resin are a problem. 

Water-dilutable priming paint for cationic insulation of watersoluble, (Knots, Resin)

brownish discolouring wood components.

For exterior and interior use.

Product Description

Suitable for insulating priming coats on wood and derived timber products (wood based materials) with content of water-soluble, brownish discolouring wood components. The primer is used before applying

Capacryl acrylic enamels, Capalac Aqua PU-Alkyd Satin/Gloss or Capadur Color Wetterschutzfarbe.

If there is heavy staining, you may need to apply two coats of Holz-Isogrund. Primer may discolour this will not affect top coats.

Field of Application

■ Water-dilutable.

■ Ecologically compatible.

■ Cationic insulating effect against water-soluble, discolouring wood components.

■ Provides high adhesion and grip of subsequently applied coatings.

■ Diffusion-capable.

■ Suitable for children toys as per DIN EN 71-3.

Material Properties

Material Base / Vehicle Acrylic dispersion/emulsion.

Packaging/Package Size 750 ml, 2.5 litres, 10 litres

Colours White

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