Bolloms Brosteel Ultra 60 Waterborne Intumescent for Steel


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Bolloms Brosteel Ultra 60

Brosteel Ultra 60 is a thin-film Waterborne intumescent coating designed to provide 30 and 60 minutes fire resistance on standard structural steel members in internal environments. Available in 2.5, 5 and 10litre containers. Brosteel Ultra 60 is white, with a creamy consistency.

If a finish is required, either for decoration or protection against moisture, a range of Flameguard Ultra finishes is available in ultra gloss and eggshell finishes. Brosteel Ultra 60 is a specialist product that is easy to apply by conventional methods. All cans come complete with full instructions and coverage rates.

Key features and benefits


For internal environments

In a fire, the Intumescent base coat softens and expands to form a carbon foam layer, which insulates and protects the structure from intense heat

No specialist application skills needed – easy to apply by brush or airless spray

Faster drying times

Application information


Consult Product Brochure

Touch dry 30 - 60 mins

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TDS Data Sheet Brochure  

Steel Information Form 

Technical Safety Sheet  

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