Mathys Cachemire Intense Matt

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Mathys Cachemire Intense Matt 5lt 

It isn't only the colour of the paint that determines the mood of your home but also its composition. 

Cachemire paints are high quality and their design aspects give an unparalleled richness to all 120 Cachemire colours. All Cachemire paints are waterbased and have a low VOC content, Paints with Heart for the environment that does not compromise on quality. 

The Cachemire range has been carefully composed by experienced colour specialists. The result? A palette of more than 120 paint colours — colours that will give your interior an almost palpable aura. Furthermore, this array of colours provides for surprising combinations and nuances.


  • Excellently smooth, powdery, mat effect
  • Very opaque
  • Hides imperfections and reflections
  • No need for several coats
  • Class 1 washable 

A waterborne acrylic wall paint with an intense powdered mat “Design” appearance.

Conceals imperfections and absorbs reflections. It is durable, coats perfectly and has an incomparable beauty. An intense matt gives your rooms a soft and gentle feel.

 Colour Card 

 Colour Card Available on request! 01276 582321 or Contact us 

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