Caparol 2021 Trend Recommendations

Caparol 2021 Trend Recommendations

Inspire your customers with the new trend impulses 2021, exciting new color harmonies and many new creative surfaces. Also, be inspired by the versatility and changeability of the new beige tones. 

We have all had to learn that life is not always perfect since spring 2020 at the latest. Suddenly there are small cracks and fractures that need to be mastered. Not a nice starting situation. Improvisation is in demand here. The phenomenon of 2020 - the global pandemic - did not pass us by without a trace either. We have taken up the subject, abstracted it and tried to transfer it to the wall without becoming pictorial.

It is about surfaces that seem torn, imperfect and at first glance perhaps even flawed. But isn't it precisely this fragility that makes up the charm of a surface? In other words, we are not concerned with a lack of perfection, but with the perfect imperfection that provides new perspectives in the other two worlds of colour.

Anthony Mauger

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